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Yoarashi Kouryuu
Translation: Night Storm Rain Dragon

Sealed form:  
In its sealed form it is an O-Katana with a dark blue sheath and handle wrap.  The tsuba is a in the shape of the World Triad symbol with holes on each of the tomoe.  On the Kashira, or pommel of the sword there is a diamond shaped construct roughly 2 inches long and an inch and a half wide.  Yoarashi Kouryuu is currently the only known Storm type Zanpakuto, at least the only one that can manifest so many different aspects of the event.  Similar to the captain of the 10th division, his blade can manipulate the weather in the given area; this gives the user the ability to call on the elements in addition to manifesting the forces on their own.  

The spirit of Yoarashi Kouryuu is a massive dark blue Chinese/Japanese dragon with a white and gray stripe going from the neck down to the tail.  The spirit is female and the inner world she resides in  is typically seen as a vast field that would be consumed by a raging stom; but the storm is calmed when she and the user are.  Yoarashi Kouryuu is capable of shifting into a human form, that of a heavyset, white haired, monk wearing blue robes with the likeness of her dragon form along the material.

Shikai:  Yoarashi Kouryuu's release phrase is "Call forth the Raging Storm" *Yuyami za Geki Arashi in Japanese*.  Lightning strikes the blade and it morphs into a midnight blue Guan Dao with a clear diamond point on the bottom and a silver dragon mark along the blade, letting loose a crack of thunder as the process completes.  
Shikai Special ability:  When in its released state the user is able to conjure, control, and project all aspects of a storm.  Wind, rain, thunder, and lightning are at their command.  Though more powerful when projected through the actual atmosphere, a user is able to fire and contain the forces from the weapon itself.  Another aspect of this power is housed in the diamond point.  As a fight goes on, Yoarashi Kouryuu draws power from the environment, the enemy, and the user.  This is reflected by the gradual filling of the diamond with a clear water-like substance.  Once full the user can drink this substance; it acts either as a booster for his powers or as a medicine, healing his deepest injuries and dulling the pain.
Raikou Tenka (Lightning descending from the Heavens):  The tip of Yoarashi Kouryuu releases a single bolt into the sky and then an innumerable number of bolts rain from the heavens.  The blade can absorb the down coming lightning back into itself, allowing it to send out a more concentrated bolt or increase the slashing or piercing power of the blade.
Byakurai Bakudan (White Lightning blast bomb):  A combination of moves that requires Hunter to start a small scale monsoon.  He then fires a bolt of intense lightning into the storm, scattering the electric forces through every droplet of water.  This turns the monsoon into a rain of lightning bombs that consumes whatever it hits.
Hoero Kouryuu (Howling Rain Dragon):  Hunter fires a surge of water, or collects it from the rain and creates a large dragon made of water, wind, and lightning.  (Similar to Hyorinmaru's baseline attack)

Bankai:  Ranbou Yoarashi Kouryuu (Violent Tempest, Night Storm Rain Dragon):  The user is covered with dark blue and silver armor with a large ring of energy hovering behind him.  The Guan Dao also gains a more sharp form as well.
Bankai Special Ability: The core ability of this bankai is the power to transform the user into pure energy, rendering them virtually untouchable by conventional means.  The user can pass through the air in a state of invisibility by splitting his body down to the atoms and going unnoticed.  He can force the molecules in the air to follow his direction, essentially being able to flood the air with enough positive and negative charges to fill the air with electricity.  The major flaw of this power is that when in his pure energy form, if an enemy can ground him he’ll be rendered inert for a time.  How long this lasts hasn’t been determined.  In addition, the armor it expends less energy than the typical bankai because it draws power from the environment, or at least it has that potential.  This bankai is underdeveloped, so its true potential is unknown.
Bakuretsu Rai Rensa (Exploding Thunder Chains):  The Ring on the armor spins and fires an innumerable number of solid water chains wreathed in lightning that surround and entrap the enemy
Hannon Raiju (Fang of the Thunder Beast):  Usually after trapping the enemy in the chains, the energy therein is used to create beasts made of water, lightning, wind, and spiritual energy that devour whatever they come across.
Kaze Jigoku (Severing winds of Hell):  Basically a huge cloud of razor sharp projectiles made of wind.
Yoarashi Kouryuu
I was huge into Bleach a few years back, and got involved in a numbrer of online rps; this was the Zanpakuto I created for my primary character.  I was trying for something that could be iconic, strong, and had room to improve or add new techniques.
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Hey all; and a happy holidays to everyone!  I hope everything's gone your way.  I don't have much to say this time around, just wanted to give a brief update.

I got a job recently, all my time searching  and it finally happened.  Yay for me!  I did have to move away from my hometown though.  Aside from that I've been doing well the last few months, it's a big adjustment though let me tell ya.

As a result I don't have much time to myself during the week.  So what I'm doing while I'm on vacation is uploading character profiles and story concepts to my page here.  I'm hoping for a few critiques while I'm still trying to find balance between my career and my passions.  At least that way I can figure out how to actually make something of this page beyond offering comments to what I find here.  I admit I haven't done much, but I am hoping to change that; yeah I know I've probably said that before. 

Anyway; enjoy the rest of the holiday.  To all my friends here; I hope nothing but good things are in your future.  To everyone else; I hope I get to know you better in the coming year.  Take it easy everybody;



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